Our Story

Having been in the property rental market for over 30 years, we specialise in luxury accommodation, prestige and customer satisfaction. Our listings do not just to put our client’s property out there and wait for a call but we specialise in taking care of your property and meeting your expectations. It is how we use our expertise to generate attention to your listing, provide your property weekly cleaning services as well as upon check out to ensure that your property is well kept and maintained to a high standard for our exclusive tenants pleasure and your piece of mind.

With our service, your home will turn into a hotel quality luxury accommodation. We will make it look professional and neat. All the available amenities will be out in plain sight, tourist guides, rooms will be comfortable, welcome gift packages, toiletries and most of all we will manage, check in and welcome bookings, guests as well as manage all communication to ensure streamline, efficiency and provide a high quality customer experience.

Leave all the work to us while you go on holiday or do other things. We will look after your home, guests and booking so you never have to worry about your property any more.

Our Approach

From establishing luxurious short term penthouse apartments, taking photographs, publishing listings, screening bookings, replying to email enquiries, answering calls, scheduling cleaners, minor maintenance, co-ordinating with agents to welcoming guests to their temporary home, there is so much we cover and very little left to do.

You may not have all the time and patience in managing your property. Perhaps you want to gain your free time back instead of dealing with guests. Many potential hosts think that becoming a short-term stay host means they need to do everything.

Temple Realty is your ultimate property solution. We either manage your property with full disclosure of our business model and can also co-host your property for you .You do not have to do any work when it comes to managing your investment. On top of that, we help maximise your rental yield.

The first step involves finding out about your property. Complete details about the property such as, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, amenities, locations and anything else you feel may be important to the listing. This way it will make the whole process streamlined, and you will have your short term rental up in no time.

Once we receive your enquiry, we can then go about arranging in a call to discuss everything you need to know. In the call, we can talk you through our process and give you an approximate estimate of how much you can earn from your property. We will then visit your property and look at its amenities, location and other factors to provide a more accurate estimate of the potential yield.

Meet the Team

The team at Temple Realty are dedicated to making your property fit into our exclusive penthouse lifestyle brand to ensure a five star rating and provide luxury, exclusive and memorable stay..

Hanuman Pandji

Director & CEO

Over 30 Years as an Asset Engineer, Entrepreneur, Designer, Dancer, Author, Actor and Martial Artist, Hanuman redefines executive short term accommodation to make Temple Realty a brand synonymous with Luxury, Prestige and Service

Lady Karen Merkel

Design Manager

With over 40 years in the fashion and retail industry establishing her Fashion Design signature style. An Melbourne Fashion Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Inductee. Lady Karen Merkel brings a world of colour, texture and detail to make each of our properties look and feel like our guests dream home.

Stephen Brooks

Maintenance Manager

Having been a Commerical and Domestic Builder and Carpenter for over 10 years. Stephen brings his many years experience to ensure your property is well maintained.

Next Steps…

To find out if your property fits our criteria and how we can best serve you as your executive property management team.