The Short-term rental industry is being recognised around the world, including Australia, as an ever growing market which now demands a specialised investment strategy. Due to the market’s evolution and people’s lifestyle choices, property owners are approaching the property market with a new outlook. Unfortunately, not everyone has a lot of free time due to other duties to fulfil or work commitments. It’s certainly understandable to think managing short to long term accommodation to be quite daunting.

From the outside, listing a short to long term property would appear to be pretty straightforward. After all, most people might think that you would only need to create a listing that features the property with just a few nice photos and a description!

Temple Realty takes the headaches of listing your property for you. We will deal with this process so you can just enjoy your earnings without much work on your part.

Temple Realty takes the uncertainty out from managing your property to adapt to new demands. We deal with the entire process so you can enjoy your time and earnings with little effort on your part. Combining our attention to detail, high levels of service and comfortable design, we stand out!


There is a surge in demand for the short stay property market in Australia. The time has come to be an informed investor, and become part of this growing industry. Temple Realty is the competitive edge that you’re seeking. It may seem daunting to run your property and that’s where Temple Realty can help achieve your unique goals.

With a wealth of experience, we are the experts in execute and corporate short term property management in Australia, taking care of every part of the process from reservations to the maintenance. You need not worry about the property or guests, as we will welcome, host and take care of all of our guests needs. If you are looking for the experts in managing your property, Temple Realty is a name you can trust.

With our help you achieve better rental yield. The key to higher profitability lies in the happiness of our guests. When satisfied with both our level of service and the property itself, they will certainly book again and leave five star ratings. Our occupancy increase and people choose our short term stay over the others.

Our goal is your goal, as specialised property managers we will work with you to brand your property into a thriving investment. We provide a high level of service to ensure our entire guest’s perception and experience is worthy of a five star rating.


With our exclusive executive property management services, you can count on us ensuring our guest’s satisfaction. We specialise in luxury penthouse lifestyles and we strive to deliver a property by optimise your property by ensuring a high level of service from design, furniture, fittings, linen, toiletries, welcome gift packs and tourist amenities. You can rely on us to deliver the rest.

Our strategic focus on luxury will make your property stand out. We get the privilege of making sure that your property goes beyond, simply being a place to stay.  As part of our property management services, we represent your property and ensure that we meet our guest’s expectations as well as your own. It is imperative that we present and maintain your property to an inspiring standard.

If turning your property into a short to long term executive stay appeals, then we’re the next step! Get in touch with us today to get a forecast on how much you can earn with your property. If you have no experience of running a rental or you do not have the time to manage it, we will do all the work for you.

Temple Realty is the specialised property operators that you have been looking for. With our help, you can get rid of the hassles that go with servicing a suitably high end property. Plus, we not only minimise on wear and tear but also can potentially help boost your asset’s value and ensure revenue.

Save Time, Worry & Make Profits!

Listing your property is more than posting an advertisement. It needs to be a listing that potential guests can easily find, will look at, entice them to book and then be operated at a high level of service. Even if you have a listing that looks appealing to you, it may not work for your intended audience. We pride ourselves on making our guests and your return on investment a reality. Win, win, win!

Guaranteed revenue, secured investment, property management, reduced ware and tare as well as your property being maintained at the highest service levels than most tenant could even imagine.

Why choose Us?

Optimised, detailed, decorated, cleaned, services and personal concierge to ensure that we choose the right short and long term executive stays that appreciate your property and what it offers them.

Next Steps…

To find out if your property fits our criteria and how we can best serve you as your executive property management team.